söndag 27 februari 2011

Washington D.C

Today we are arriving at the capital of the US. Right now we are in the car driving through Virginia. There are a lot of national parks here and lots of animals. We almost hit a white-tailed deer, or a Virginia deer as they´re also called. Fortunately both we and the deer are all right.

The weather is pretty bad. It´s raining, but It isn´t very cold though. The temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 15 degrees Celsius. The climate is very changing so it can be sunny one moment, and then it starts to rain. We hope the sun will come out later today.
The city of Washington D.C is quite special. It doesn´t belong to any state, but it´s between Virginia and Maryland. It was founded in 1790 and is off course named after the first president of America, George Washington. The D.C. stands for District of Colombia, and the city is often confused with the state Washington, at least by tourists like us.

Now we’re almost in Washington. We are going to stay at a cheap motel at Central Avenue. It is only going to cost us 50 dollars a night. That’s about 320 sek, so it is very cheapJ.
In D.C we´re going to visit the white house and Capitol hill. Both are landmarks, and we have to visit them while we’re here. There are also lots of other stuff to see, like the Washington monument, a big obelisk near the national mall. The national mall isn´t a mall lika I thought, but a national park.

Washington D.C seems like a really nice city, but there are so many politicians here and not that many young people in our own age. We think we'll have a great time anyways.

We´ve learned the national anthem and we have been singing it in the car. Here’s a video of the anthem with lyrics so that you can sing it at home. :)

Love Julia, Sophie, Hanna and Simon.

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  1. Brilliant post - sounds like you have learnt a lot about Washington D.C!