måndag 21 februari 2011

Hello New York City!!!

So we have now checked in at the Imperial Court hotel in New York City. The hotel is placed in the northwest of Manhattan, just a few yards from Central Park. We´re really excited about it.
So what to do here in New York? Well what can’t we do? We have planned to stay here for about five days because it is so much to see, and we have got to have one day of shopping to ;)
Except for the shopping we have planning on watching some hockey, American football and of course visiting American Museum of Natural History.
So the hotel looks really nice, but they are renovating right now, but for the cheap price, of 450 Swedish crowns/night, we live really close to both the subway and Central Park
Tomorrow we are going to visit the museum. It’s strange that we decide the prize by our self, we can pay anything from 25 cents if we want to, as long as we pay at all. The recommended price is 13 USD. We paid a dollar each, since we have a budget. We planned to see some monuments and statues that day too, like the statue of liberty, Stanford White Arch and the World Trade Center Memorial.
Then Simon and Julia wanted to see some sport while we had the opportunity. They´re going to watch the New York jets playing American football. Let’s just  say that Sophie and Hanna isn’t that excided.
Oh and we thought we should spend one day in Central Park and do stuff like ice skating, walking around, and random stuff we can figure out meanwhile.
Well we need to go now, take care.
Sophie, Hanna, Simon and Julia.

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  1. Hi guys!
    Yes, there is indeed a lot to do in NY. Make sure to enjoy yourselves, it's a great town!
    Best regards,