fredag 18 februari 2011

Okey, here we go!!

So here we are, sitting waiting for our flight to Boston. So how did we get here?
After a lot of nagging you finally let us go and do what we love to do, exploring a new country. We decided to travel through The United States. These are the 9 states we are visiting:
* Massachusetts
*New Jersey
* West Virginia
* Virginia
* North Carolina
*South Carolina
* Georgia

We are traveling by a mini van, which we will borrow from a friend, who lives in Boston.
We haven't really decided were we are going to live yet, so don't freak out, we take the best first motel we find on the road.
Talk to you soon, love.
Simon, Sophie and Julia.

1 kommentar:

  1. Hi guys!
    Sounds like a plan, you've got there. How come you want to go to Alabama? Is there anything special you want to see there?
    I also want to know where your first stop is - what kind of motel are you staying at? How much and where is it? How much were the plane tickets to Boston?
    Looking forward to reading your next posts!
    Best regards,