söndag 27 februari 2011

Washington D.C

Today we are arriving at the capital of the US. Right now we are in the car driving through Virginia. There are a lot of national parks here and lots of animals. We almost hit a white-tailed deer, or a Virginia deer as they´re also called. Fortunately both we and the deer are all right.

The weather is pretty bad. It´s raining, but It isn´t very cold though. The temperature is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit which is about 15 degrees Celsius. The climate is very changing so it can be sunny one moment, and then it starts to rain. We hope the sun will come out later today.
The city of Washington D.C is quite special. It doesn´t belong to any state, but it´s between Virginia and Maryland. It was founded in 1790 and is off course named after the first president of America, George Washington. The D.C. stands for District of Colombia, and the city is often confused with the state Washington, at least by tourists like us.

Now we’re almost in Washington. We are going to stay at a cheap motel at Central Avenue. It is only going to cost us 50 dollars a night. That’s about 320 sek, so it is very cheapJ.
In D.C we´re going to visit the white house and Capitol hill. Both are landmarks, and we have to visit them while we’re here. There are also lots of other stuff to see, like the Washington monument, a big obelisk near the national mall. The national mall isn´t a mall lika I thought, but a national park.

Washington D.C seems like a really nice city, but there are so many politicians here and not that many young people in our own age. We think we'll have a great time anyways.

We´ve learned the national anthem and we have been singing it in the car. Here’s a video of the anthem with lyrics so that you can sing it at home. :)

Love Julia, Sophie, Hanna and Simon.

lördag 26 februari 2011

N.Y.C. Again

So here we are. We are sitting in our rooms. This is the last day in New York and there´s so many things we haven’t done yet. Simon wanted to buy an Ipad because it’s really cheap here when the dollar is so low compared to the Swedish crowns. But he should not complain because he got a “once in a lifetime experience” (as he wanted to call it) yesterday when New York Jets played against Indianapolis Colts in American Football. The game was so awesome because it was 80,000 people there and they all screamed when the Jets Quarterback threw a touchdown in the last minute. Sophie, Julia and Hanna didn’t get so excited because they don’t understand the rules. But they enjoyed the shopping tour instead. We also went to the American museum of Natural History. It was really interesting and we all enjoyed it. So tomorrow were going to Washington DC to see some monuments and visit the White house. Well then. See you soon //Simon, Julia Sophie and Hanna    

måndag 21 februari 2011

Hello New York City!!!

So we have now checked in at the Imperial Court hotel in New York City. The hotel is placed in the northwest of Manhattan, just a few yards from Central Park. We´re really excited about it.
So what to do here in New York? Well what can’t we do? We have planned to stay here for about five days because it is so much to see, and we have got to have one day of shopping to ;)
Except for the shopping we have planning on watching some hockey, American football and of course visiting American Museum of Natural History.
So the hotel looks really nice, but they are renovating right now, but for the cheap price, of 450 Swedish crowns/night, we live really close to both the subway and Central Park
Tomorrow we are going to visit the museum. It’s strange that we decide the prize by our self, we can pay anything from 25 cents if we want to, as long as we pay at all. The recommended price is 13 USD. We paid a dollar each, since we have a budget. We planned to see some monuments and statues that day too, like the statue of liberty, Stanford White Arch and the World Trade Center Memorial.
Then Simon and Julia wanted to see some sport while we had the opportunity. They´re going to watch the New York jets playing American football. Let’s just  say that Sophie and Hanna isn’t that excided.
Oh and we thought we should spend one day in Central Park and do stuff like ice skating, walking around, and random stuff we can figure out meanwhile.
Well we need to go now, take care.
Sophie, Hanna, Simon and Julia.

Regards from Boston

After a long and exhausting flight, we finally feel acclimated in Massachusetts.  The flight tickets cost 3900 Swedish crowns per person. We are staying at a cheap motel, Arms Park hotel.  Just outside of Boston. It costs about 70$ or 450 kr / night.
Boston is one of the oldest cities in The United States and it´s the home to thousands of students from all over the world. Boston is also a center for research concerning economics and medicine in The US.  Right now we´re at the local food market, this is where the locals go buy their groceries or eat a hot roast beef sandwich.  The weather is almost like home, right now it´s about – 2 degrees.
Since, many of the inhabitants is in our age, it hasn´t been hard to get new friends.  Some of them took us to a home match with the Boston Celtics. Everybody, but Simon thought it was really boring. We also went shopping in the city, which everyone enjoyed. Later at night we went to the seafood restaurant “Skipjack´s” with our newfound friends. We liked the name, but the prices were a little bit over our budget. We quickly noticed that the inhabitants of Boston have a special accent. They seem to love the letter A, but doesn´t know that the letter R exists.
Now we´re leaving Boston and Massachusetts behind, and soon we´ll be in New York City! and later in Alabama, none of us know why , it seems to be a bit boring there, but maybe we´ll be suprised.
 PS: this is a song, called "Boston", thought you might want to listen to it.

Love, Hanna, Julia,Simon and Sophie

fredag 18 februari 2011

Okey, here we go!!

So here we are, sitting waiting for our flight to Boston. So how did we get here?
After a lot of nagging you finally let us go and do what we love to do, exploring a new country. We decided to travel through The United States. These are the 9 states we are visiting:
* Massachusetts
*New Jersey
* West Virginia
* Virginia
* North Carolina
*South Carolina
* Georgia

We are traveling by a mini van, which we will borrow from a friend, who lives in Boston.
We haven't really decided were we are going to live yet, so don't freak out, we take the best first motel we find on the road.
Talk to you soon, love.
Simon, Sophie and Julia.