lördag 26 februari 2011

N.Y.C. Again

So here we are. We are sitting in our rooms. This is the last day in New York and there´s so many things we haven’t done yet. Simon wanted to buy an Ipad because it’s really cheap here when the dollar is so low compared to the Swedish crowns. But he should not complain because he got a “once in a lifetime experience” (as he wanted to call it) yesterday when New York Jets played against Indianapolis Colts in American Football. The game was so awesome because it was 80,000 people there and they all screamed when the Jets Quarterback threw a touchdown in the last minute. Sophie, Julia and Hanna didn’t get so excited because they don’t understand the rules. But they enjoyed the shopping tour instead. We also went to the American museum of Natural History. It was really interesting and we all enjoyed it. So tomorrow were going to Washington DC to see some monuments and visit the White house. Well then. See you soon //Simon, Julia Sophie and Hanna    

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