måndag 21 februari 2011

Regards from Boston

After a long and exhausting flight, we finally feel acclimated in Massachusetts.  The flight tickets cost 3900 Swedish crowns per person. We are staying at a cheap motel, Arms Park hotel.  Just outside of Boston. It costs about 70$ or 450 kr / night.
Boston is one of the oldest cities in The United States and it´s the home to thousands of students from all over the world. Boston is also a center for research concerning economics and medicine in The US.  Right now we´re at the local food market, this is where the locals go buy their groceries or eat a hot roast beef sandwich.  The weather is almost like home, right now it´s about – 2 degrees.
Since, many of the inhabitants is in our age, it hasn´t been hard to get new friends.  Some of them took us to a home match with the Boston Celtics. Everybody, but Simon thought it was really boring. We also went shopping in the city, which everyone enjoyed. Later at night we went to the seafood restaurant “Skipjack´s” with our newfound friends. We liked the name, but the prices were a little bit over our budget. We quickly noticed that the inhabitants of Boston have a special accent. They seem to love the letter A, but doesn´t know that the letter R exists.
Now we´re leaving Boston and Massachusetts behind, and soon we´ll be in New York City! and later in Alabama, none of us know why , it seems to be a bit boring there, but maybe we´ll be suprised.
 PS: this is a song, called "Boston", thought you might want to listen to it.

Love, Hanna, Julia,Simon and Sophie

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  1. HI guys!
    Brilliant post - this is exactly how it should be done. I'm actually going to Boston this summer - now I know what a little more of what to expect. Thanks!
    Best regards,