måndag 7 mars 2011


We are in North Carolina now. The first question we asked ourselves when we reached Carolina was “what can we do here?” So we went down to the travel agency and asked for some brochures. There wasn’t so much to do. They got a big National Park called Great Smoky Mountains national park and a well-known Hockey team called Carolina Hurricanes. We decided to go to the National park. This park got so much history. It was the homeland for the Cherokee Indians before the European settlers came there. 
The park was pretty big so it was really exhausting walking around there, but it was really beautiful. We will soon be heading back to our motel and pack our things because we’re going to South Carolina Tomorrow. Maybe there will be more stuff to do there. Well then… see you soon. //Simon, Hanna, Sophie and Julia

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  1. Sounds and looks as though the park is rather impressive! Although I agree that it kind of resembles Sweden a bit.
    Let's find out what South Carolina has to offer!