torsdag 17 mars 2011

Conclusion of our road trip

This trip has been extremely fun and interesting. We´ve learn a lot about The US, like history, culture and of course about the American people. We started our road trip in Boston and now we´re on our way back home. Time really flies when you´re having fun! 
The history of The United States is quite unknown for us Europeans, so we´re happy that we have been able to learn more about the historical monuments, such as The White House, Capitol Hill and Jimmy Carters museum. Before this trip we didn´t even know, who Jimmy Carter was.
The food is a chapter of its own, believe it or not, but you can eat more than just Cheeseburgers and pizza. The local kitchen varies a lot between the states. In the south, you could really see and smell the differences, it´s like a mix of African, French and Mexican food.
According to us, the people here are very open-minded and curious, but very shallow and therefor it´s hard to get under their skin. Despite that, we have been able to get new friends and hopefully we´ll be able keep in touch over Facebook and MSN, when we´ll be back in town.
See you soon!
Love, Simon, Hanna, Julia and Sophie

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