måndag 14 mars 2011

"The city of trees"

Today, we´ve decided to visit The Capital of Georgia, Atlanta. Atlanta is mostly known by two things, business and trees. It might sound like an odd combination, and maybe that is why the National Geographic’s named it “a place of the lifetime”, a few years back.
It might sound quite boring, but Atlanta seems to have much to offer even for us young people.  We´ve been here for a few days now, and we have visited The Olympic Park,  which is where The Olympic Games took place in 1996, strolled around in the Little five points, a bohemian city area with special boutiques and cafes. Our new friends took us to the aquarium, which was gigantic!!!!!!! So we could not see everything, but we 
were able to look at their main attraction, the whale-sharks.

Atlanta offers a lot of high-education, and it promotes itself as a multicultural-city so we fell very welcome and go well with the environment.

The weather is the best so far, it´s sunny and about 20 degrees, which are pretty normal here, at this time of the year.
Tomorrow is our last day here, and we will spend it by visiting the famous Fox theatre and Jimmy Caters museum. Jimmy Carter was the 30th President of the US, so we thought it could be interesting to learn some more about him.
PS: We are staying at a nice little motel, it´s called Days Inn. It costs us about 250 sek /room and night.
Next time you´ll hear from us we´ll be in Florida. Love, Simon, Hanna, Julia and Sophie.

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